Trainwreck (2015)

6.3/10 by 322 users

Having thought that monogamy was never possible, a commitment-phobic career woman may have to face her fears when she meets a good guy.

Release Date:July 17, 2015
MPAA Rating:R
Genres:Romance, Comedy
Production Company:Universal Pictures, Apatow Productions
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Judd Apatow, Thomas Johnston
Casts:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
  • Hopeful, but my hopes were dashed!
    July 25, 2015

    Short review, but makes my points. I love edgy humor, and what I have seen from Amy schumer is just that. But this movie is a poor and way too long delivery vehicle for her most overused and least original material about sex, orgasms, etc. Much better to skip this film and just catch her cable shows or standup.

    Why did apatow make this? It lowered my opinion of his body of work. The movie's unnecessary vulgarity made me cringe. I am no prude, but cringe is the right word. I ultimately walked out, partly out of boredom, partly distaste for the film.

    There are a few funny moments, but way too few, and way not worth it. Wish I had seen Antman, which was the other option this night.