Paperman (2012)

8.2/10 by 278 users

An urban office worker finds that paper airplanes are instrumental in meeting a girl in ways he never expected.

Release Date:November 2, 2012
MPAA Rating:G
Genres:Animation, Romance, Family
Production Company:Disney
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:John Kahrs
Casts:, , ,
Plot Keywords:black and white, paper airplane, office romance, animated short, short, short film
  • The love story with wonderful pictures.
    February 14, 2014

    The tone of the picture is so cute that I was excited to start to watch this film . Papers are drawn lively, showing the passion of the man who has fallen in love. Paper airplanes flying from the window to the window are very beautiful. They are sometimes hit by a gust of wind, sometimes interrupted by a group of birds. A white paper airplane shines on the black and white screen. Also, the appearance of old city is wonderful and has certain atmosphere. The story is very common. A man is taken with a woman at the first meeting, so he is destined to find her and follow her, then his passion reaches her and they reunite. It's a 7-minute short film, however, it tells us the beginning of love and let us imagine the story which should be continued.